How to Build a Successful Retirement Plan & Transition into Retirement

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Retirement is different today than it has been for previous generations – it is a great time for you to get a second opinion on your retirement to help address common retirement planning concerns.

  • Will Social Security be enough to pay your bills?
  • How much additional income will you need at retirement?
  • How much market volatility can you afford?
  • How to create guaranteed retirement income for the rest of your life!
  • Finding the right blend of investments to make your plan work.
  • Common Mistakes to Avoid

At my New Generation Retirement seminar, you will receive answers to these questions and others to help you learn how to prepare for a steady retirement in a changing world.

Is your retirement ready to stand the test of time?


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Thomas Braun
SOFA Coach

Thomas Braun is a financial advisor and coach for SOFA for Charlotte Mecklenburg County, where he works to help those in and near retirement grow and protect their financial futures. Thomas graduated with a degree in accounting from Petrelle University in Paris, France. In 1976, he moved to the United States and began his career in the financial services industry, specializing in retirement planning.

Thomas utilizes a consultative approach to help his clients balance both their need for growth and preservation in order to create a retirement income they might outlive. He holds a Series 65 securities registration and is licensed to sell both life and health insurance.

Thomas has also been heavily involved in giving back to the community by helping hundreds of Veterans qualify for aid & attendance through the Veterans Administration.

Thomas and Claire’s dedication to providing their clients with knowledgeable and responsive answers to complex questions is evident by their work with The Society For Financial Awareness (SOFA). SOFA is a nonprofit organization that strives to provide Americans with a deeper understanding of the financial field. In addition, Thomas and Claire co-authored “The Golden Years Guide Book” to help seniors prepare for retirement.

Claire Braun
SOFA Coach

Claire Braun is a financial advisor and a financial coach for SOFA for Charlotte Mecklenburg County. She graduated summa cum laude from the University of Texas at Arlington with a bachelor’s degree in finance.

To help her clients better prepare for all of their future financial obligations, Claire became licensed to sell both investment products and insurance; she currently holds a Series 65 securities registration and is licensed to sell both life and health insurance. In addition to her role as a wealth manager, Claire is a personal financial coach for the Society for Financial Awareness.

Claire works tirelessly to understand her clients’ short and long-term goals, and to help them achieve them. By emphasizing careful accumulation and effective distribution of her clients’ assets, she helps ensure their income needs will be met throughout their retirement, and that their legacy will be expediently passed on to their beneficiaries.

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